360° Mount Athos

3D Virtual Tour

Project Description

myBusiness360 was commissioned to take charge of an ambitious 360° Mount Athos project. For their assistance and support, we would like to thank from the depths of our hearts the holy elders. Also the monks who gave us their blessing to photograph the Holy Monasteries. Our goal was to create a piece of living history, which would be accessible worldwide and remain unchanged over time. Through the website we created, it became possible to “visit” Mount Athos. Visit Mount Athos from any location and at no charge, with our innovative 3D Virtual Tours. This incredible landscape can now be experienced in an immersive 360°, by those who may otherwise have been unable to visit the real Mount Athos. Within the website we created, the user can also access historical information about each Sacred Monastery, Sacred Skete and Sacred Cell that’s now open for exploration.