Andrikakis Fireworks Store


Project Description

Andrikakis Fireworks Store commissioned our web development team to create a multi-dimensional online portal for the brand. Along with selling an extensive range of exceptional fireworks at unbeatable prices, the company also organises high-end events and firework displays. With a firm focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Andrikakis Fireworks Store needed a dynamic website. A website with sufficient impact and appeal to outperform its closest competitors. We set about the design and development of a beautifully presented online store front. The first-impression is explosive and memorable for the user.


As always, we began by establishing the project’s primary goals and requirements with the client. By carrying out extensive research into the company, its audience and its competitors, we were able to create a unique OpenCart CMS online store of exceptional quality and value. Opting for a primarily clean and minimalist aesthetic, we simplified the process of browsing an extensive catalogue of products to find specific items in just a few clicks. Extensive A/B testing enabled us to optimise every aspect of the Andrikakis Fireworks Store e-store’s performance and appeal. Bursting with powerful SEO elements woven into its architecture, the final Andrikakis also performed strongly in the SERP rankings.
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