Maria Avramidou


Project Description

My name is Maria Avramidou and I am a professional guitar and cello teacher. I started my guitar lessons at Greece’s “Hellenic Conservatory” under the guidance of Angelos Nikolopoulos and later continued at the “National Conservatory” under Liza Zoi where I received in 1991 my first diploma with distinction. In 1996, I completed my studies in English Literature at the “National Kapodistrian University of Athens”. In 1997, I received my second guitar diploma with distinction from the “Attiko Conservatory” in Athens under Dionysis Katinakis. In 1986 and in 1993 to 1996, I participated in seminars under Argentinian guitarist Roberto Aussel, organised by the “Nikos Scalkottas Conservatory” in Athens, and private lessons by the same teacher in France. In 2005, I performed guitar at a seminar organised by pianist and conductor Giorgos Chatzinikos.


After discussing the objectives and expectations of the client in depth, we carried out detailed industry and audience research. The website was designed and presented in the form of a prototype, before receiving final approval from the client. Professional presentation and a seamless user experience were top priorities for Maria Avramidou’s website. It was also important to ensure that all information communicated was presented as accurately and concisely as possible. After a series of minor modifications and enhancements to our original mock-up, the final Maria Avramidou’s website was ready to go live. We’ve since received only outstanding feedback from the client regarding the website’s performance.
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