Project Description

Creative workshops related to the art of cinema. You can declare interest with your friends or group or even individually, and join a group according to your age (only for ages 12-22). The trainer responsible guides the respective group once a week (2 hours) and each group, depending on the available free time, can book the lab to work on the respective task assigned. Spookville welcomes you and your friends to enjoy your own music, movie books and selected board games. The area features tablets and free Wi-Fi. You can order online the spookville menu by Mammy’s. You can book the Spookville area during Saturdays or Sundays and organize your own party or event. We are here to help you design it as you dream. Interactive Role games where a group of people are asked to solve a mystery. Separated in narrator role-playing games (designed by the Gamecraft team) and without narrator (designed by Spookville). You can make a reservation with your friends and enjoy an exciting adventure.


After discussing the objectives and expectations of the client in depth, we carried out detailed industry and audience research. The proposed school of foreign languages Axon Thermis website was designed and presented in the form of a prototype, before receiving final approval from the client. Professional presentation and a seamless user experience were top priorities for Axon Thermis website. It was also important to ensure that all information communicated was presented as accurately and concisely as possible. After a series of minor modifications and enhancements to our original mock-up, the final Axon Thermis website was ready to go live. We’ve since received only outstanding feedback from the client regarding the website’s performance.
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